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Parents - HOG FEST - DIBS Info

Dear Black Hawk families -


The Hog Fest sign-up is currently active and we are looking for sign-up volunteers! (Only the first 4 weeks are available - we want to gauge the quantities the players are eating before releasing the rest.) 


There are some notes on how things will run this year, so please continue to read…


We will be feeding ALL players on ALL teams at the SAME TIME! Each Wednesday, after practice, the food will be available for the players, coaches and managers. That is approximately 100 people each week for 9 weeks. We will need each family to donate time and food along the way! Food quantities may change as the season goes on - adjustments may need to be made to accomodate for the appetites the players bring each week. Please check back before making and bringing the food requested. 


Each grade level will be assigned two weeks where they will provide the MAIN DISH. Please sign-up for something other than the main dish on your “off weeks”. If each player can provide 4 sign-ups throughout the season, we should have no problem filling their bellies! People supplying the main dish will be expected to stay and help serve/clean up the meal. If you are unable to stay, you will need to find a replacement from your grade level to cover that shift. 


A nesco will be available for you to use if you do not have access to something large enough for what you are supplying. You will need to notify any of us listed at the end of this note PRIOR to end of day the Monday before it is needed. Please plan ahead!


Food will need to be hot, ready to serve by 5:30 on Wednesdays, starting August 21st. We will  supply serving utensils, so no need to send any along. If you are sending a pan/dish that you will want back, please remind your player to take it with when they leave the dinner.


Remember the Football Family feeling is not just on the field for these players. They have been in the weight room, helping, guiding and supporting their teammates most of the summer. These dinners are a bit of a reward and congratulations each week for the efforts of their performance. Please support your players and their teammates throughout the season by helping with this feast! 

Thank you for your support -


Susie Birch (

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